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Good sourcing strategies are indispensable when you want to run an effective procurement operation. They boost procurement’s performance, deliver impressive savings and give businesses a significant competitive edge.

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But the challenge of dealing with myriad categories or grappling with clunky technology can distract enterprise procurement teams from their strategic focus, making it difficult to achieve sourcing success. And that’s where sourcing business process outsourcing (BPO) can step in and offer in-house procurement organizations a big assist.

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Not every organization has the internal resources to manage a world-class Procurement/Sourcing team. Unlike mere procurement outsourcing services, Enterprise-Turkey fills in the gaps with true Managed Procurement support and expertise. Whatever your organization’s maturity level, Enterprise-Turkey can provide for a strategic, effective approach to spend and supply management.

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Sourcing Services

In the existing financial environment, small, medium and large-sized firms are utilizing product sourcing services to a substantial extent.

The procurement service provider market has also undergone several changes. Owning to business process outsourcing, the hurdles within firms to initiate outsourcing everything or the vital segments of the procurement function have diminished.

Firms have to spend a sizeable part of their budget to source goods and services from other nations. If you try to identify options to justify internal overheads and get an insight into effective procurement market intelligence, it is feasible to opt for service providers.

The requirement to internationalize spend is a must for most firms in the world. Also, the management of procurement function has become a scale driven sport. Moreover, authentic and reliable sourcing service providers and strategic sourcing have emerged, leading to lucrative value proposition.

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Strategic sourcing helps an organization build long-term relationships with its suppliers. By reinforcing the focus on the core capabilities of the suppliers and assuring the right suppliers for the right sourcing objective, strategic sourcing helps create a synergy between organizations and its suppliers. Sustained relationship with suppliers also implies that when the suppliers are valued and considered in various sourcing decisions; they feel motivated to optimize their performance to meet the organizations objectives.